Deal Makers Group

Deal Makers Group leads the industry in complex financial engineering. Our independent RIA and securities brokerage network have over 23 years of securities industry experience.

Swiss Financiers

The Swiss Financiers Team has a proven history of taking companies public, ensuring a transparent and accretive value proposal along the entire process. Our unique platform streamline and fast track an IPO process through a time/cost-effective patent pending business method to successfully raise capital on the public security markets.

IPO Institute

The IPO Institute was born out of a need: to be able to access quickly and easily holistic knowledge and Experts in the field of IPOs. We decided to provide solutions by founding the IPO institute which aims at being the world leading academic authority and source of knowledge and expertise about Initial Public Offerings.

Master SPAC at the SPAC Conference

The SPAC Conference 2021 Meet the Master SPAC team and keynote at the largest forum for networking and discussion of special purpose acquisition companies and alternative IPO techniques. Westchester Country Club | Rye, New YorkJune 23-24, 2021

Capital Guaranteed SPAC

The Guaranteed Capital  Protection Plan or Guaranteed Capital Protection Feature is structured within the SPAC and implemented through one or more of  the following options: Straddle Strategy:  a simultaneous purchase of options to buy and to sell a security at a fixed price, allowing the purchaser to make a profit whether the price of the … Read more

Sponsor’s Investment Return

According to Jefferies “SPACs are very compelling for industry executives, as the economics are as or more attractive than traditional private equity fund economics.  SPAC sponsors typically receive 20% of the common equity in the SPAC for an investment of approximately 3% to 4% of the IPO proceeds.  For example, in a $250 million SPAC, … Read more

Restoring the IPO Value Creation

Many do not understand the reasons why the Initial Public Offering of a share of common stock (also known as “IPO “) increases the financial valuation of the stock issuing company ? The value creation of an IPO arises mainly from the difference of valuations between the private and public markets. The Private Market values the Assets. … Read more

Master SPAC

Master SPAC is an innovative SPAC solution. The legal framework designed by Swiss Financiers expertise allows the Master SPAC to acquire targets and provide the SPAC investor a solution to capture the value multiple during the shift from private to public markets generated. This multiple in value is lost without this framework of all other … Read more